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I'm disassembling the body of a Yamaha Zuma to change the carburetor jet, then I put it back together. The Zuma has a 150cc GY6 engine swap.
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Yamaha Zuma Mopeds
All mopeds are meant to do the same job, take you places stylishly, easily, safely and economically too. That is the same features that the Yamaha Zuma has too. It is a very reliable moped that one can trust for short as well as long distances. If you have plans of settling in for a stylish and economic moped, why not the Yamaha Zuma?

It ranges from 50cc mopeds to 200 and 220 cc scooters and motorcycles as well. But if one is interested in a moped then the 50cc model is quite sufficient since it is street legal and license is compulsory. One does not have the trouble of being held without a license or insurance in the city.

One can use the zuma moped for going to college, especially when one is on a low budget which is the case with college goers. It has class and elegance and college goers would surely love it for its budget friendly fuel costs. It is easy to ride and easier to find a parking space for it, since it is very light I weight. In fact a few models come in folding types which can easily be packed up like luggage and carried places.

Owning a Yamaha Zuma moped is a matter of great pride, especially among kids and students who have all the features of a motorcycle or a scooter in the 50cc moped. One can go at a maximum speed of 35-40 mph which is surely the limit that any vehicle on a city road could travel with the heavy rush of traffic.

College students don't lose heart, get the Yamaha Zuma and go zoom! with pride to college and save those dollars that you always wanted to have in your pocket for something interesting to spend it for, maybe a gift for mum and dad for Christmas!

Yamaha Zuma Mopeds
By Nazima Golamaully
The yamaha moped has a good acceleration that works very fast and hence riding in the city is less problematic as one can keep with the speed of the other vehicles with no hassles. The Zuma tires too are much bigger than the regular moped tyres leaving the benefit to the rider to ride with comfort and safety on the city road.
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