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Choosing from different Yamaha ATV shapes and sizes.
Author: rehan_articles

Yamaha has pleased its customers in every aspect possible for
years, which is why it is not a surprise that they have
succeeded in giving ATV riders what they want. There are new
models of Yamaha all terrain vehicles each year and 2005 is no
exception. Yamaha has already released a few new 2005 ATV models
in each of their categories, sport, utility and youth.

Riders of all ages and all experience levels flock to Yamaha for
their ATV needs because even just one of their stock ATVs can
charge through virtually any terrain. The toughness of Yamaha
ATVs combined with the high speed for sport riders and the
strength for utility riders is the perfect mixture of
characteristics for a trusted product. ATVers have reviewed all
the models from Yamaha, dating back to the first released, and
each new style generates talk about how strong and dependable
their four-wheelers are.

To keep their customers pleased and coming back for more, Yamaha
tweaks and changes previously successful models so that a new,
advanced model can be released to please even more. Examples of
this are the new Yamaha Raptor 660R for sport ATVers, and the
Grizzly 660R, a utility ATV. These new models have the largest
engines of any Yamaha ATVs. Both the Raptor and the Grizzly are
established Yamaha ATVs, but the new models are enhanced
advancements of the older models.

The 660 engines give sport riders an edge of speed off the line
in a race and utility riders can tear through anything carrying
a large load with an ATV engine that size. In addition to the
constant upgrades Yamaha releases, they have models that are
somewhat of a downgrade to create their youth ATVs. The only
downgrades on the youth ATVs are engine and body size. The same
quality and dependability are expected from their youth ATVs.
Yamaha has an ATV small enough for children as young as six to

Their sport ATVs are a top choice among racers because of the
innovative body designs and high torque engines. For working a
ranch or farm, Yamahas utility ATVs are as tough as they get.
The utility ATVs from Yamaha are not known for high speed, but
other features, such as the four-wheel independent suspension,
make these quads the best for a rough ride with a large load.
All of this is not to say Yamaha ATVs are perfect, in fact there
are many upgrades and accessories you can add to improve them,
but when it comes to the core purpose of an ATV, utility or
sport, Yamaha quads can achieve that task, which is what matters

Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes
regularly for , a site
that focuses exclusively on atv reviews, as well as tips on
choosing parts and accessories. His articles have also been
featured on recreational automotive sites such as and

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Yamaha ATV

ATV riders have been extremely pleased in the past with the
features and designs produced by Yamaha, which is why consumers
continue going back for more, keeping Yamaha ranked among the
most popular and trusted ATV providers. Whether a person uses
their ATV for working the land or tearing the trails up, and no
matter how long they have been involved in the sport, Yamaha
consumers are satisfied with the job that gets done.
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