Using A Motorcycle Lift To Its Potential

by Brian Kirkland

The motorcycle lift is in many respects similar to that of
its car lift counterpart. However I received a number of
emails asking to go over the basics of these so never one to
disappoint, I shall go right ahead.

People working in the motorcycle market doing jobs in
repairs, modification or even the selling of the bike will
no doubt have used one of these lifts and will be aware of
how useful they are. Motorcycle lifts are large tables in
which take the load of the bike and raise it above the
ground level so that the user of the lift can then inspect
the motorcycle in much more detail as opposed to when the
bike is on the ground. Advantages that this can bring are
that the person inspecting the bike will not have any
strains on their body that are commonly related to repairs
that take place on the ground. So if you look at it from a
health and safety view then these lifts are a must.

Of course, as you can well imagine, a motorcycle lift is
significantly smaller than a car lift and this in itself has
certain benefits, in that they can be easily stored in a
garage or shed. Because of the ease with which home owners
can store these, they make for potentially huge savings in
that they allow for repairs to be carried out at home, thus
avoiding costly repairs by a mechanic. Even basic motorcycle
maintenance such as oil changes are incredibly easy when
using a motorcycle lift, as is regular cleaning.

For the most part, motorcycle lifts are constructed from
stainless steel and powered with the use of hydraulics, thus
making them suitable to safety lift weights of up to 680kg.

You can get a number of different variety of motorcycle
lifts on the market these days. Most of which handle just a
standard motorbike. Some lifts have the ability to make
themselves long enough for the larger motorcycles such as a
Harley Davidson or a Chopper.

Again just like the car lift before it, motorcycle lifts
must be respected pieces of equipment and you must be very
cautious in using them. Always make sure you have turned of
the motorbike engine before raising it, make sure that you
keep a close eye on the security blocks found on the lift
and that the bike is secured tightly into place.

If you feel as though you are in the market for a decent
motorcycle lift whether it is for business or personal use,
you should always develop a healthy habit of regularly
keeping an eye on all the nuts and bolts to make sure that
it is in top condition. This maintenance can make your lift
stay functional for many years.

Again my advice with these is establish what your exact
requirements for the lift may be and purchase the one that
ticks all your boxes as opposed to spending on a cheap
motorcycle lift that may not fit your needs as best as

The same applies when you are considering buying a heavy
duty lift table. Yes, they will always require more
maintenance work when getting compared to a home user lift
but they will last for literally tens of years if checked
out properly. - 920

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