Your owner manual will provide a maintenance schedule in
regards in changing your oils, filters, spark plugs and
other scooter parts. You should always consult your owner
manual as certain things such as fuel mixture or tire
pressure may vary from
( scooter to
scooter. A little scooter maintenance will go a long way in
avoiding repair expenses and keep you enjoying the ride for
many years to come! - 920

Steven M. Mihajlov is a writer and a moped scooter
enthusiast. He enjoys riding scooters not only because they
are fun but moped scooters also assist Americans in coping
with the economic crisis. For discounted prices on
( Motor
Scooters, visit ( 50cc Moped
Tips On Scooter Maintenance

by Steven M. Mihajlov

Scooter Maintenance is just as important as maintaining your
car or home. If you want your stuff to last long and avoid
the high cost of replacement, preventive maintenance is a
must. Here is some ideas on maintaining your scooter.

Perhaps the most important item of maintenance is to
regularly check the oil level and change the oil at frequent
intervals. Changing the oil at least every 1000 miles is a
good idea. The oil capacity is less than 1 liter and so an
oil change costs about $3 and takes about 5 minutes. It's
cheap insurance to keep your engine running for as long as
possible. It is also recommended to change the transmission
oil every 2000 miles or 6 months. See owners Manuel for your
motor scooter.

Having proper tire pressure is very important in preventing
accidents and prolonging the use of your tires. Checking
your tire pressure is easy to do and should be done
regularly. It is also a good idea to check for cracks in the
value stem and extensive wear in your tires. Do not risk
driving your moped with bad tires, your safety is more

Ensuring the scooter is properly assembled is often ignored
when doing maintenance checks. Joints and hinges could
become loose during operation, so it is a good idea to check
and correct looseness prior to riding your scooter. It could
be a good habit to check bolt tightness more regularly than
the suggest 1000 miles or 6 months standard maintenance

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