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A scooter with the safety feature of a headlight will require some amount of maintenance so you always have a fresh bright headlight. A headlight is generally sealed tight, so little or no water is going to enter the headlight fixture. Many scooters are also available with a scoop over the headlight to prevent additional moisture from reaching the interior of the headlight.

If you do find that your headlight is getting a bit dim, or that you have moisture in the headlight fixture you should replace it. Sometimes a large jolt can break the headlight requiring replacement as well. Every scooter varies in headlight replacement needs, but the headlight is very similar to that of a car.

The headlight that requires a bulb replacement will use a very small bulb, just a size larger than that of a bulb found on a string of lights. Removing the headlight can be accomplished using a screwdriver or a wrench. Some scooters are available with easy to remove headlights that require no tools at all but the movement of a few slip connections to remove the headlight. Simply remove the old bulb, insert the new bulb, and refasten the headlight to the scooter.

Headlights that are one piece, with no interior bulb are easy to replace as well. The one-piece headlight generally is going to require a hex screwdriver or a regular screwdriver to remove the headlight. You can purchase replacement headlights through medical supply houses, through scooter retailers and online headlight sources. Knowing the make and model of your scooter will allow for easy replacement of your scooter headlight.

The once piece headlight is taken out by removing two or four screws that hold it in place. Once you have removed the screws, you pull out the headlight, and unplug the headlight from the scooter. The new headlight will plug into the electrical outlet, and then you place the headlight back into the socket. You should be sure to replace all of the screws you have taken out so your headlight is secure and in place once again.

Remember, every scooter is different, and the type of headlight your scooter is equipped with will be detailed in the manual provided with your scooter.
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