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  Remove the sprocket of a street bike when performing the larger task of replacing the bike's sprockets and chains; learn how using the expert tips found on this free DIY motorcycle-maintenance video.
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motorcycle sprockets
In order to have good performance, motorcycles have to depend on many different mechanical parts. Among all the various components, sprockets should be carefully studied because most motorcycles rely on sprocket system and a simple chain to create forward motion.

Generally, there are two sprockets installed on motorcycles. One sprocket is applied on the rear wheel and the other is on the transmission. They are used to turn the chain and transfers power from the transmission to the rear wheel. The drive sprocket attached to the motor's countershaft pulls the drive chain that wraps around the rear driven sprocket, and then effectively turning the rear wheel to propel the motorcycle forward.

Because sprockets have so important function to motorcycles, it is necessary to learn something about how to inspect them. There are many tips for you to follow. Firstly, you should place a motorcycle lift under the engine frame with the motorcycle in the middle. Pull down the handle until the motorcycle's tires lift.

Although you may take care of sprockets on your motorcycles, they may also have some problems. As mentioned above, they may have some problems such as rust, wear and broken teeth. The broken teeth will make the sprockets increasingly difficult to turn. Thus, they must be changed if they have any of these issues.

Many instructions should be considered if you want to change the sprockets. The following instructions are mainly for the change of rear sprocket. At first, you should use a socket wrench to loosen the rear axle nut, and lift the rear wheel off of the ground, using a rear stand or the motorcycle's center stand. Unscrew the rear axle nut completely, using a socket wrench.

Then you should make use of a combination wrench to loosen the chain adjustment bolts lock nuts on both sides of the swingarm. Turn the adjustment bolts counterclockwise with a combination wrench to loosen the chain. Lift the chain off the rear sprocket and pull it to the side. Remove the rear axle from the wheel and swingarm to drop the wheel to the ground. The next step is that you should set the wheel on a pair of wood blocks for support, facing the sprocket side up. Use a socket wrench to unscrew the rear sprockets bolts and pull the sprocket off the rear wheel. Lay a new sprocket onto the rear wheel. Coat the sprocket bolts with thread locking adhesive and insert them into the rear wheel and sprocket. Use a socket wrench to tighten the sprocket bolts.

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Article Source:
Inspection and Replacement of Motorcycle Sprockets
By Sunny Ling
Secondly, you may have to turn the rear wheel slowly and look at the front and rear sprockets. The next step is that you should inspect them for any rust, wear and broken teeth. If the sprockets have any of these issues, they must be changed.