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This video shows how to replace the air filter on a GL1800 Goldwing (pre-2006) and includes removal of the saddle, top shelter, reverse module, ECM and mounting base, air filter lid and air filter. Courtesy of Steve Saunders Goldwing site at and posted here with permission.
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Honda GL1800 Goldwing Air Filter
Motorcycle air filters are installed to improve airflow and product the engine from dirt. An Air filter is present in almost all bikes no matter what the make or model. The air filter is also designed to increase the acceleration and horsepower of a motorcycle. The basic features of motorcycle air filters are as follows: They create a high airflow with excellent filtration. They are washable and reusable and will last up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required (also depending on driving conditions). The air filter works with the original manufacturer vehicle electronics and are environmentally friendly. The reusable air filters reduce the volume of disposable air filters that end up in landfills.

Motor air filters are designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted airflows, while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life. The high flow cotton gauze air filter is washable, reusable and built to last for the life of an engine. The filters contain four to six sheets of cotton gauze layered between two sheets of aluminium wire mesh.

No modifications are required, and no jet changes or changes in carburetors should apply. Removing the cover or drilling holes on the top or sides of the filter will cause a drastic effect on smooth carburetion. Modifications will cause the stock system to run lean and reduce horsepower. Air filters are useful in dirty and dusty off-road riding and provides clean carburetion even at high altitude. Spark plugs should be checked for proper mixture after few miles of riding.

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Motorcycle Air Filters
By Marcus Peterson
This is then pleated and oiled to enhance filtering capabilities and overall performance. The results are tremendous when an air filter allows more air into an engine that is not only washable but also reusable -- ultimately protecting the life of the engine of a motorcycle.