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Summary: Before replacing a motorcycle exhaust system the original must be removed. Watch this free video clip of a motorcycle expert and learn how to remove and add a motorcycle exhaust.
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Removing Motorcycle Exhaust Systems
When you're going to install a full system on a bike like this, the first thing you need to do after you take all the plastics off is you have to loosen the radiator support and push the radiator forward, which will allow to get into the header bolts, and once you get the header bolts off, you'll eliminate the header pipe, the butterfly valve, the collector right here, and the rear muffler. So, once we get all that off, we'll get everything cleaned up, we'll head and get the oil changed, and then, we'll put the brand new pipe back on. Right now, I'm removing the header bolts, the bolts that hold the header on, and once I get those off, this thing will come right off. All right, now that we got the header bolts all taken out, we're going to go ahead and drop these few bolts, take the butterfly valve, and the exhaust should just come right off. You're just going to release these cables right here. Here's the butterfly valve. There we go. And basically, this is the whole factory exhaust. Until you remove, just take all the bolts out, slide it right out, and we'll change the oil really quickly, and we'll get the new one locked up and ready.
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