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  This video demonstrates how to install a swivel hitch coupler on a motorcycle cargo trailer.
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Motorcycle Cargo Trailer
If you are thinking about a road trip on your motorcycle then you may want to consider a motorcycle cargo trailer. They are a detachable tow behind trailer which allow you to carry a lot more than you would in a pack and saddle bags. The versatility now is quite large with trailers being made for pets and also camping trailers which have a built in tent. Kits can be added for coolers, racks so you can take larger items like a surfboard and luggage racks.

When shopping for any pull behind motorcycle trailer, be it a standard cargo or tent trailer, you must know your limits in size and weight as safety must be your first priority. The trailers width should be maximum the width of your handlebars and no higher than the top of your tour pack. When it comes to weight there are a few factors.

Most cargo trailers are made out of either aluminum or fiberglass because of their lightweight nature. Aluminum motorcycle trailers are pretty standard in shape across all brands, they're quite boxy. Fiberglass allows for much more creativity whilst still being durable though you will also a combination of the two with aluminum bodies and fiberglass tops. Whilst there are already a huge range of option available like the very popular vintage look, aerodynamic space aged shapes and styles to match popular motorcycle models, you can also get fully customizable trailers but with a price tag to match.

When it comes to the mechanics of a trailer the two important areas are suspension and wheel size. Many riders don't even notice having a trailer and that's the way it should be. The trailer shouldn't impact your steering or the smoothness of your ride. If it is bouncing around due to poor suspension then it could effect your control of the bike which is a major safety hazard. Wheel size and the quality of your bearings and major working parts are important. Larger wheels means less revolutions and less likely you will overheat the bearings.

If you are planning a trip but want to take the car and the bike you still have many options. The variety of motorbike trailers to transport your bike is huge. You can get open single and multiple bike trailers from cross rail to flatbeds from the heavier steel to the lighter aluminum. Some stand up or fold up for storage, and if storage is a problem then you may consider trailer rental for that once a year trip. A more expensive type is the enclosed motorcycle trailer which comes in every shape, size and configuration including a camping trailer with a garage for the bike.

Whatever you choose you need not be without your bike or your creature comforts when you hit the road.

Shannon Phelps writes about Motorcycle Bikes at
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Motorcycle Cargo Trailer - What to Consider Before Purchasing
By Shannon Phelps
Obviously the larger the bike, the more weight it can tow but most standard cargo trailers are built for any touring motorcycle bike size. You need to know the maximum weight your bike can take, minus your weight and any carrying weight and then you have the combined weight of your trailer, cargo and trailer parts like a hitch.