Tools you'll need:
Torque Wrench
22 mm socket
17 mm wrench
Jack stand

Remove the cotter pin and unscrew the axle nut with the 22 mm socket. Push the axle out while supporting the wheel. If your axle is corroded in place, get a piece of brass and a hammer. Pound on the brass, NOT ON THE THREADS! ...unless you feel like buying a new axle, then pound the hell out of the bare axle.

After the axle is out, lower the wheel slightly and move it towards the rear of the bike.

Remove the speedo housing from the wheel (there is a gear in there, it might fall out. Just be aware.) Roll the wheel forwards and Presto! Your front wheel is free.

Now you can change the tire, put a new brake rotor on, etc. etc.

Grease the speedo housing (the inside...) and put a light coat on the axle (keeps it from seizing in place.) If you put too much grease in the speedo housing (like I did), it'll ooze out from the speedo cable area. Wipe that away occasionally. Try not to let it get on the tire (that's a "while riding" concern).

To put the wheel back on, roll it between the forks and guide the rotor between the pads.

Lift the wheel enough the put the speedo assembly in place (make sure the prongs line up with the cut out on the hub) and move the wheel so it roughly lines up with the axle holes. Slide the axle through. Replace the washer and the nut. Tighten the axle nut to 58 ft * lbs and put a new cotter pin in place.

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