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Motorcycles have a tuning module for their fuel injectors and it requires knowledge and patience to install one. Learn how to do this from a motorcycle repair expert in this free video clip.
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Motorcycle Fuel Injection Tuning Module
It's optimum weather now! 93 degrees in the wind, in the little hillbilly town of West Point, in the Sierra foothills. It's noon. The asphalt seductively makes tires sticky! Do it! Hit it! -- no more worries about black ice, shadows, wet pavement and such.

Many of us dream about giving our fuel-injected bikes a bit more 'bwaaaah!' A simple way? Bolt on some custom pipes! But this ain't what the article's about. It's about something even SIMPLER that'll tweak the fuel injection system after modifying ANYTHING from changing an air filter to bolting on those V&H pipes - it's primo for tweaking any performance modification. Get a Power Commander!

They're without compare for snappin' that last ounce of mileage/power from your fuel system. Power Commanders are microchip-driven providing an exacting map of fuel injection settings -- thus enhancing engine performance over stock settings.

You might need their USB power programming module. You'll need this to provide voltage to your Power Commander when it's been removed from the bike and attached to your pc. -- It's NOT included. The good news is that it's not required if the module is installed on the bike. Costs around $55.00.

No laptop? No problem! three pushbuttons on the module's face let you change map settings easily. An expansion port on board makes it upgrade-ready too.

The instructions are really easy to understand and the OEM-style connectors make it a breeze to install.

Power commander runs under MS Windows 98/se/ME/2000/XP, (Dunno about Vista...ask at the site?) It opens maps using .djm extensions. Cost is around $300.00

Another cool! You can get an LCD display for the Power Commander designed to stay on the bike even when the weather sucks! This add-on stores different maps (Also for folks using desktops if you don't like push-buttons.) Because of the multi-map storage, when attached to the bike, within your vision/reach (next to the radar detector above the speedo?) you can select/change maps on the fly!

The LCD screen has 2 analog representations of a speedometer and a tach with digital readings below these of what gear you're in, how much throttle you're using, What duty cycle you're in, the map position and whatever boost you've gained/lost by switching maps as you roll! This unit will set you back about $250.00

If you're passionate and obsessive about exacting your bike for wherever you are...maybe even a little bit anal about it, these are the tools for us! Be as anal as you want! Go crazy! I mean, $550 to accurately dial yourself in any time you want? It's cheaper than most laptops!

Think about this for a moment. The Power Commander makes sense from a safety standpoint too. You're in a clutch situation where some dork who isn't paying attention is headed straight for you from your right side in an F-250 and it seems safer to crank it rather than brake. Doesn't it make sense to have the correct configuration for acceleration dialed in so you have all the power available at your disposal to fly away from this nit-wit? The reason it makes sense to me is that my right leg might never have been crushed if I'd had one of these installed on my bike...not available back then. I couldn't quite get out of the way and a couple of feet more would have done it. That's why I tout speed-capability and exact performance. I'm not an adamant person concerning most things but regarding this, I am. Part of the reason I wrote this is that I might be able to save someone else's leg. That'll have made the entire article worth it!

Click the link
BikerParts and type 'Power Commander' in the search window. You'll see the units/accessories and get availability/pricing along with tons of other parts and accessories for complete riding satisfaction.

Anyway, happy tooling on down the road, however you like it, in complete control! Follow your gut concerning suspicious drivers. Don't get mad, get and stay ahead...we don't call 'em rockets for nothing!
Thanx for reading!

Article Source:
Wringin' That Last Drop of Performance From Your Motorcycle
By Liam Fraser
The manufacturer constantly maps new calibrations for download from their website. Yup, you can get the maps online. You select the maps you want, download to your laptop, connect the USB port and upload your choice straight into the bike -- then it adjusts! What could be faster or easier? It's accurate for most any situation.