How to Set up Ohlins Shocks on a BMW R1150rt Motorcycle

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The great advantage of after market shocks is that they can be adjusted in more ways than the stock shocks to fit your riding style and your gross vehicle weight. Although these instructions are for Ohlins other after market shocks will be similar.


  1. Remove right saddlebag.
  2. Create a reference point on the center of the driveshaft housing using a felt pen or sticker, this represents the "axle".
  3. Find a place on the motorcycle directly above your reference point and mark it similarly.
  4. Now make an upper mark for the front shock, the underside of the triple clamp is a good location, the lower reference point will be the actual axle.
  5. Put the bike on the centerstand.
  6. Measure and record the distance between the upper and lower reference points front and rear. Measure the front down the length of the fork tube. This measurement is the "top out" distance.
  7. Take the bike off the centerstand and have somebody hold it vertical.
  8. Record the measurements again, this is the "static sag" measurement.
  9. Sit on the bike in your riding gear, somebody will need to hold the bike steady so that you can simulate your riding position.
  10. Have a helper record the measurements again, this is your "ride height".
  11. Subtract the "ride height" from the "top out" to get "actual ride height".
  12. You want your "actual ride height" to fall in the range 1" to 1-5/8" for the front and 1-3/8" to 2" for the rear.
  13. Your "static sag" should be in the range 5/8" to 1-3/16 front and 3/8" to 3/4" rear.


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