How to Maintain a Harley Davidson's Battery
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How to Maintain a Harley Davidson's Battery -
Learn how to maintain a Harley Davidson's battery so your bike starts each time you turn the key.By:
HowToMotorcycles Check out my videos for specialist advice on Harley Davidson motorcycle maintenance.
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Yuasa formed a joint-venture company with General Battery Corporation in 1976. Yuasa manufactured its first battery in 1979 in the United States, producing standard conventional and Yumicron 12 volt batteries.

Yuasa developed a maintenance free and gas recombination battery for powersports vehicles in the early 1980s, and the first AGM battery, intended for ATV applications.

Yuasa was sold by General Battery Corporation to Exide Corporation in 1987 to form Yuasa/Exide Battery Corporation. Yuasa/Exide then purchased Exide's Industrial Division to become Yuasa Inc. in 1991.

After selling off its industrial division to Enersys in 2000, Yuasa Inc. changed its name to Yuasa Battery Inc. In 2004, Yuasa Japan merged with Japan Storage Battery to form GS Yuasa Corporation.

Now the top powersports battery producer, Yuasa provides nearly 90% of the batteries used in powersport vehicles in North America.
Harley Davidson's Battery