How to Change Oil on a Yamaha 450 YZF Dirtbike If you have any troubles performing this follow the steps provided below.


  1. Make sure the bike is stable, and propped up by something on the forks. This will allow the motor to be free of obstructions.
  2. Place the oil catch pan underneath the motor.
  3. Undo the oil drain bolt; let the oil drain into the pan.
  4. When you are sure that the oil has all been drained, take off the oil filter cover located on the bottom right side of the motor (more oil will come out here) above the frame.
  5. Take off the oil filter and slowly roll the engine over with your hand on the kickstart to be sure all the oil has left the pump system.
  6. Put the oil plug back into the drain hole.
  7. Take your new filter and place it back into the existing position of the previous one.
  8. Put your oil filter cover back on.
  9. Snug up the oil drain bolt and oil filter cover.
  10. Grab your oil and pour it into the oil fill hole located on your frame near the handlebars on the left hand side. When the amount of oil needed is reached put plug back in.
  11. Perform 3-4 revolutions of the motor but do not start it. This is to lubricate all motor parts.
  12. Start motor and let idle until warm (3-5 minutes)



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Yamaha 450 YZF OIL