How to Change Tube and Tire on Rim of a Motocross Bike It's easy to change your own tubes and tires!


  1. Remove wheel from forks or swingarm.
  2. Remove any kind of bead lock if there is one.
  3. Use "spoons" to lever tire off of rim on on side. If you are just patching or replacing a tube you may be able to leave the tire partially on the wheel.
  4. Slip in new tube, ensure it isn't folded or twisted and be sure to line up the fill valve with the hole in the wheel.
  5. Use spoons to lever the tire back on, taking care to avoid pinching the tube.
  6. Fill the tube a little to make sure it is in place, to be sure you can release all the air then fill a second time, but usually you can tell if it is okay.
  7. Fill with air and check for leaks then remount on bike and go roost! Don't forget the bead lock!


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