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Teach Yourself Series 6; Doug Aldrich shows you how to change oil in Harley.
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Changing oil to your motorcycle is one of the easiest and most important tasks that you can do yourself. No need to pay the service fee if you don't like to, its easy. This how to takes a look to the process. You may refer to your service manual to see what part is called what.

Before you start, you will need these items:

1. New oil filter. There are two kinds, black and chromed. Some people use 3rd party cheap filters, I have always used Genuine HD filter.
2. A container into which the old oil goes.
3. 3 bottles of motor oil (2.8 litres or 3 quarts). A never-ending debate goes over what oil is best, there is no simple one answer. If in doubt, just use what your operating manual states.
4. 1 flat screwdriver

Before you start, let the engine get hot. Oil will go out better. It will be hot, be cautious.

1. Remove the oil reservoir dipstick. Oil will flow out faster.
2. Put the container under the bike, so that the old oil will flow into it.
3. Take a look at the oil drain hose, which is a black rubber hose directly under the engine. Open the worm clamp that secures the drain plug. Then carefully pull the drain plug out. Oil will begin to flow immediately, and its hot, be careful. Wait for the old oil to completely flow out.
4. Put the drain plug back to the drain hose and secure the worm clamp. Remember to do this, do not forget to put the drain plug back and secure it.
5. Move the old oil container under the front of the bike, directly under the old oil filter which is still attached to the bike.
6. Detach the old oil filter by turning it anti-clockwise with a suitable tool. Discard the old filter now, do not accidentally put it back again.
7. Pour a little amount of new oil to the new filter before you screw it into place. Oil will start circulate faster this way.
8. Clean the contact surface of the oil filter and the engine block, remove any residue of old filters sealant.
9. Put a thin film of new oil to the contact surface on the engine block and to the contact surface on the new filter.
10. Turn the new oil filter in place. When it contacts the engine block, tighten it by hand by turning it from 1/2 to 3/4 turns.
11. Pour 3 bottles of new oil into the bikes oil reservoir. (Small part of it was added to the new filter previously). Do not forget to pour the new oil in.
12. Put oil reservoir dipstick back in place.
13. Check drain hose and oil filter for any leaks.
14. Before you start the engine for the first time, verify that you actually did pour in the new oil.
15. Enjoy your ride!

Teemu -
Article Source:
How to Change Oil in a Sportster
By Teemu Valkeapaa
Harley Davidson Oil
5. 1 tool to turn open the old oil filter. Like the "Harley-Davidson Oil Filter Wrench". Some people use big adjustable pliers that can have a grip around the filter. Be advised that these kind of tools may slip and you may end up with bleeding knuckles.