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all you every wanted to know about these carburetors.
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Motorcycle Carburetors
The part of a vehicle that converts liquid fuel into vapor is known as the carburetor. Carburetors are thus found in most gasoline vehicles. However, with the advancement in technology, most new vehicles do not have carburetors.

The idea and construction of a carburetor may seem very complex, but in reality, it is very simple and maintaining a motorcycle carburetor ensures that a vehicles is performing in its peak condition. The basic principle upon which a carburetor functions is atmospheric pressure, which is the pressure that is exerted on anything and is around 15 pounds per square inch (PSI). A carburetor functions by varying the pressure between the engine and the carburetor.

There is a piston in a motorcycle that goes up (for a two-stroke engine) and goes down (on a four-stroke engine), and forms low pressure inside the crankcase causing the pressure outside to be higher.

Knowing the basic principles of how a motorcycle carburetor functions helps one to keep it well tuned and functioning to its full capacity. A well maintained carburetor burns fuel efficiently, letting out less exhaust and causing the vehicles to get better mileage.

Carburetors affect the performance of the engine as a whole. Apart from this, the other factors that effect performance are altitude, humidity, and air temperature. A drop in temperatures means the cooler air will need more fuel to burn. Warm temperature ensures full performance of a motorcycle engine.

With an increase in altitude, the air molecules decrease, causing the carburetor to need and consume more fuel. Humidity causes the same effect on the motorcycle carburetor and, thus, on its end performance.

Maintaining a motorcycle carburetor in its pristine condition is the first step toward ensuring that it runs well and is fuel efficient.

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Motorcycle Carburetors
By Eric Morris
Because of this, air rushes inside the carburetor until the pressure is equalized. This moving air picks up and gets mixed with vaporized fuel inside the carburetor that later burns due to the fire provided by the ignition, giving power to the vehicle.