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Scooters are becoming more and more popular as gas prices rise. Their affordability and simplicity make them ideal, especially for young urbanites. Many scooter riders may not have much experience with anything on two wheels. On modern, quality scooters and motorcycles, electric starters are the norm with gasoline engines. This allows the rider to start the engine with the push of a button or turn of the key like any other car or truck.

Kickstarting a motorcycle or scooter is very easy. There are just a few steps and you should be on the road in no time.

Locate and extend the starter arm if it is folded up near the engine. Nearly all kickstarters will be on the right side of the bike.

Ensure engine is in neutral or park settings. There is likely a mechanism to keep you from trying to start the engine while in gear. If not, you could damage the bike or it could come out from under you once the engine starts up.

Kick the extended starter arm in a downward position. It will take some force, but this is what gets the engine turning. You should be giving a little bit of throttle to ensure there is gasoline present in the combustion chamber.

Retry, until the engine starts up. It may take a few kicks before the engine will get going, especially if it has been sitting several days or if it is cold outside.

Once the engine is started, you will want to fold the kick start arm up and out of the way. No, you are ready to ride like normal.
If these steps did not work, it may be a good idea to get a more experienced rider to take a look at your scooter or motorcycle. There is also a chance that there is actually something wrong with your scooter. In that case, be sure to take it in to a qualified mechanic that is experience in motorcycles and scooters. A poorly maintained scooter is not something you should be riding. Safety is extra important on scooters.

My name is Peter, and I am fascinated with scooters. I am trying to educate everyone on the benefits of scooters and give tips for owning and operating them. Check out website for more info on saving money on scooter insurance. I also have other tips to make riding more fun and safer at the scooter insurance blog.
Article Source:
How to Kickstart a Scooter
By Pete J. Williams
Scooter Kickstarter

However, with the small, weaker batteries that are equipped on scooters and motorcycles you could sometimes be left stranded without another mechanism for starting the engine. This is where the kickstarter shines! You will be able to get the scooter up and running with a few easy steps. Best of all, your alternator will re-charge the drained battery as you ride.