Cleaning Wheels Properly
by: Tim Gowens

Have you ever bought a wheel cleaner from your local auto parts store, only to have it bleach out the finish on your wheels? It happens all the time. Here are 9 steps to properly cleaning your wheels.

9 Steps To Wheel Care

3. Let the wheel cool down completely before applying any cleaning product. Failing to do so may result in unwanted spots or stains.

4. Do not use tire cleaners containing harsh chemicals (any acid based cleaner), which can also stain or spot wheels.

5. Use only 100% cotton cloths; this avoids scratches caused by synthetic rags or cloths.

6. Always use a quality wheel polish like Metal Madness (available at Metro Wheels).

7. Carefully polish with the grain of the wheel. Baby powder in the final wipe down will remove fingerprints and oils left from polishing.

8. Occasionally clean the back side of the wheel to remove road grime, road salts, brake dust and grease.

9. For the final finish, apply a thin coat of car paste wax. Allow to dry and wipe off with a cotton cloth.

About The Author

Tim Gowens has over 16 years experience in the wheel and tire industry and has been the owner of Metro Wheels & Accessories since 1989. He built a 22,000 square foot facility to house the wheel repair plant and a retail/wholesale show room. Tim is also a classical guitarist.

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