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PART one OF CLEANING STOCK 50CC SCOOTER,MOPED CARB. This is very easy and includes most carbs that have set all winter and never run. Carb cleaning is extremely easy and no great mystery. I will show you how I do it.
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50cc Carburetor
An engine will not function properly without the help of a carburetor. It mixes the appropriate amount of oxygen and fuel to create combustion and power for vehicles. Automatic fuel injectors replaced carburetors in 1980 but it is still used in vehicles that are high-performance, motorcycles and other types of engine.


The materials that you need in this task are the manual of your vehicle, rags, a spray cleaner, gloves, bowl, toothpicks, wrench and a screw driver.Constantly cleaning this piece of equipment will maintain the efficiency of your car. Oxygen must pass free to the manifold that can be found in the carburetor.

Carburetors are made of numerous parts like screws and bolts so you have to make sure that you place them in a secure location. It is vital to utilize rags that do not have any lint so that no unwanted particle will be left on the equipment that can affect its performance in the long run. Once the materials are carefully place on the rags, clean them with the spray.

Each piece of the machine has numerous holes so you have to make sure that you pay attention to each part to ensure that it will have no grease or dirt. Inspect each groove in the gasket, bowl, shutter and other to make sure that they do not have any dirt. If they are not clean, use the toothpicks to remove any unwanted particle. Repeat the same procedure on the grooves.

If you see some holes or grooves that the spray cleaner are unable to clean, place the shaft of the air spray 4 to 5 inches away from the material before spraying it. If you place the shaft too close, it can leave unwanted residue which could affect its performance. Once you have clean all of the necessary parts, you may discover some stubborn residue that cannot be clean easily.

Any materials that possess some gunk can be soaked in a bowl with a special cleanser for 24 hours. Add more cleanser depending on the situation. Once it has thoroughly soaked in the solution, dry it with a clean rag. Once the parts are dry, reassemble the carburetor and place it back in your car.

Remember not to utilize any wires or machine equipments to clean the equipment because it can damage it. Knowing the proper way of cleaning a carburetor can ensure that you can maintain its level of performance and save money from avoiding buying another one.

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Article Source:
How to Clean a Carburetor
By Kenny Leones

Start by taking out the equipment from the car. The best option to remove it will depend on the type of engine or car that you possess. The manual of the vehicle should give you some insights about how it is properly done. Once you have taken it apart, carefully place the parts on one of the clean rags.