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Instructional video on how to change your moped scooter's CVT drive belt.
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Moped Scooter Drive Belt
When we change our belts, in most cases, the front clutch internally falls apart. Now don't feel stressed, as it only takes two minutes to fix it. Anytime a belt comes off, breaks or is being replaced, we need to realize with the belt gone, the front clutch has no pressure on it to stay intact, so they fall apart internally.

Remove the cover plate (which has to come off to replace the belt anyways)

Unscrew/Unbolt the Front Clutch (takes one minute)

You will see in the Clutch that all the rollers are all mixed up. Simply separate the clutch and put the rollers back in their slots (one minute). Poof... you are done. That was easy.

A note of caution: You must hold the clutch together while putting it back in and keep pressure on it so the rollers don't come loose while you are putting the belt back on.

See how easy that was? Scooters seem difficult. I felt the same way. I owned a scooter before having a repair shop and was very intimidated. I took out the seat and saw all the wires and hoses and decided it wasn't for me. After having a repair shop for just a few months, I look back now at how afraid I let myself become, when it wasn't necessary. These scooters are easy to fix now. Belts and Clutches are easy. I can do a repair in 15-minutes and send you on your way. Trust yourself, it's mostly just common sense. If you need a belt (or even a new clutch), visit

Mark Kemp is the Parts Manager of and the Service manager at our local repair shop. He is our resident expert on Chinese Gas Motor Scooter Parts.
Article Source:
Replaced Your Drive Belt on Your Scooter, But it Still Doesn't Run?
By Mark A. Kemp
With all this talk about clutches falling apart, we might throw up our hands and say "forget it, just take it to the shop". Well, don't. You can do this, it's easy. If you can change a belt on a car, you can do it on a scooter. All there is to do is the following: