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Easy dirt bike tire change instructions
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dirt bike tire
Dirt bike tires help you ride in any terrain. They are designed to grip the earth and make riding smooth sailing. Their tread pattern is customized to ensure the best performance on their respective terrain. They are therefore prone to lots of wear and need to be replaced often. The dirt bike tires do not wear the same; they are more dependent on the terrain. Due to the constant change of terrain, it's advisable to carry an extra set to change. It's therefore important for any dirt bike owner to know how to change their tires.

1. To start changing the tires you will need to assemble all your tools. You need a crescent wrench, three tire irons, lubricant and a compressed air can.

2. Using the crescent wrench, loosen the axle bolt from the wheel and remove it from the wheel. To remove air inside the tire, use the palm of your hand. Place it at the rims edge and use force to push it downwards. After all the air is out the tire edge will break free of the rim. Some dirt bikes let the air off immediately you unscrew the bolt hence you won't have to use your hand.

4. Under the rim's edge, opposite the rim lock, put the three tire irons. Turn the tire irons over towards the wheel center. Make sure the bead is lifted above the rim. Take out the tire iron in the middle and put it either on the right or left of the other two tire irons as you move around the wheel. Turn the wheel over and repeat the procedure.

5. After the bead is removed from both the tires sides, take out the tube. Apply the lubricant on to the tube so that the tire slides off the rim easily. Be careful with the tire as you remove it to avoid scratching the tire parts.

6. To replace the tire with a new one, repeat the process with the tire irons in reverse. If the tire is not inflated use air compressed in a can.

You should make it a habit to replace your dirt bike tires often. They make you in control and they are faster. Replacing your tires often is the best investment you can make. If you do not have access to these tools you can always visit your mechanic to have it installed for you. It's also advisable to have someone else help you with the process. Some of these tools could harm you or the person helping you hence one should be careful.

Judy Mboroki is an online article writer. She writes informational articles on wheels, tires, and related wheel accessories. You can find more of her work on 4wheelonline page at Ion Alloy Wheels
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Replacing Dirt Bike Tires
By Judy Karimi Mboroki
3. Check your tire irons for sharp edges that could destroy the rim. They should be smooth. Using one of the tire irons, remove the bead from the rim by putting the iron under the rims edge. Press down the tire using your hand as you pry upward.