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adjustments begin with clutch pack adjustments. Learn tips on how to adjust the motorcycle's clutch in this free motorcycle maintenance video guide.
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Motorcycle Clutch
Total control is one of the signature selling points of any motorcycle. The connection between the rider, their bike, and the road is one of the most engaging parts of motorcycle culture. The manual transmission is an important part of that involvement and control. A rider must make second by second decisions that directly affect how their bike is operating and how the power of their engine is being transferred to the road. If any part of a motorcycle's mechanics are defective or improperly manufactured, not only does this impose on a person's ability to enjoy their ride, but it can also put them at a great deal of risk of being involved in an accident.

Unfortunately, clutch failure is not an uncommon problem for riders. A few products are more likely to be an issue for a rider. Clutch cables are typically the primary single product that can give riders a headache. These cables activate the clutch system and are crucial to its proper function. Another component that is susceptible to defect is the clutch lever and handlebar controls. This is the rider's most direct link to the clutch. If a clutch lever fails while a rider is on the road, it can be a dangerous distraction. Also, the clutch pack that is the internal workings of the clutch can slip if it is not properly adjusted or manufactured.

Any of these clutch component issues can be a serious distraction to a motorcyclist if they fail while the motorcycle is on. If you believe that defective manufacturing contributed to your clutch failure and motorcycle accident, please visit the website of the
Rhinelander auto defect lawyers at Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C..

James Witherspoon
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Defective Clutch Components
By James Witherspoon

One of the most crucial components of a motorcycle is the clutch. This control is responsible for engaging the transmission so that the rider can control the output of the engine. It does this through applying pressure to the disks that make up the transmission. If any part of this system is defective, it can cause serious issues for a rider.