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Here's how to adjust the rear brake pedal level on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. You can see more about my FXR at Setting the brake pedal level on your motorcycle increases your comfort and a safety. If the brake pedal is too high, you will ride with your foot next to the pedal, and when you need to stop, you have to lift your foot up, slide it over the pedal, and push down. If you know how to adjust the the pedal downward, you will be able to ride with your foot on the motorcycle's foot peg with your toes right over the rear brake, and when it's time to stop, you just roll your foot forward. This isn't just a Harley-Davidson how-to video. Most motorcycles have a similarly adjustable rear brake pedal. Take the time to make this change, and you'll be more comfortable riding your motorcycle, and when it's time to panic stop, you'll stop quicker. Ride Safe!
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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rear Brake Pedal