This is a simple cooling fan mod, to help keep the scooter living longer. The engine compartments normally have poor air-flow, which is worse when sitting at idle. This fan was added, to help the bike cool while riding slow, at idle, and after it is turned off and parked.

The fan is a 12v 0.45Amp (0.30 running), computer power-supply fan. You can pull them from an old computer, or buy them for about $3.00-$6.00 on Ebay, or from a computer repair shop.

The fan is mounted to the back side of the vents, under your feet, going to the engine compartment under your seat. When you go faster, and air is eventually flowing on its own, the fan will have a negative load. Translation, it will actually generate power, instead of absorbing power to run. (It becomes a mini-wind-turbine-generator. Not a significant source of charge power, but positively NOT an additional load, when power is needed most, at high speed.)

Simple, fast, and effective. Other side-effects include...

Cooler seat compartment. Cooler fresh air intake. Less negative pressure in the engine compartment, which restricts air-intake. Cooler carburetor and hoses. More cool air delivered to the air-cooled engine intake near the side. More cool air delivered to the CVT air-cooled intake opposite the exhaust. Cooler air delivered to the battery, and to the fuel-tank.

EG, potential longer life of every critical component that drives the scooter. Parts that would normally wear faster, due to trapped heat, from poor structure design. (All scooters are designed like this. Unlike a moped or motorcycle, which has better air-flow.)
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Here is a small example of how it works. On the left side you can see the variator itself. On the other side you can see clutch body. On this small video you can see how transmission works and makes the scooter go really really fast ;)
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